Easily collect and report PostgreSQL metrics for scripting, automation and troubleshooting.

pgmetrics is an open-source, zero-dependency, single-binary tool that can collect 350+ metrics from a running PostgreSQL server and display it in easy-to-read text format or export it as JSON and CSV for scripting.

Subsystem Info

Collects information about WAL archiving, BG writer, backends (waiting, idling, transaction too long), vacuum progress, replication (primary, standby, publications, subscriptions), replication slots (physical, logical)

Database Info

Gathers stats about tablespaces (location, disk and inode usage), database sizes, transaction ID wraparound age, commit ratios, bloat, deadlocks, conflicts, cache hit ratio, installed extensions, disabled triggers, pg_stat_statements, blocked queries

Table & Index Info

Collects stats about last vacuum and analyze runs, changes since last vacuum, HOT update ratio, ins/upd/del ratios, seq and idx scan efficiency, table size and bloat, index hit ratio, inheritance, partition; index scans, size, bloat, definition

Log Files

Extracts query execution plans, autovacuum and deadlock information from PostgreSQL log files, including from AWS RDS instances.

Ecosystem Support

Gets metrics from AWS RDS PostgreSQL, AWS RDS Aurora, Microsoft Azure, Citus, PgBouncer and Pgpool. Also supports Google GCP SQL and Odyssey.

Easy To Use

Same command-line flags and env. vars. as psql. No need to install any PostgreSQL extension. Zero-dependency, statically linked binaries.

Develop and discuss on GitHub:
Download the latest release:
v1.17.0, released 24-Jul-2024
Read the documentation:

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