pgmetrics is distributed as a single, dependency-free binary. There is no installation procedure as such, other than copying the binary to somewhere in your $PATH. There are no configuration files. It is meant to be invoked and used like psql.

pgmetrics can be downloaded from the releases page on GitHub. Here are a set of commands to get the 1.16.0 release tarball for Linux:

tar xvf pgmetrics_1.16.0_linux_amd64.tar.gz
cd pgmetrics_1.16.0_linux_amd64
./pgmetrics --help


pgmetrics is also available as a Docker image. To run it via Docker, use:

docker run -it rapidloop/pgmetrics --help

You can also build the image yourself with:

docker build git://


pgmetrics is available for FreeBSD as the port databases/pgmetrics, maintained by Palle Girgensohn. You can install it with:

pkg install pgmetrics

or build and install using portsnap:

portsnap fetch update
cd /usr/ports/database/pgmetrics
make install


pgmetrics is available as a Chocolatey package for Windows here: pgmetrics. It is maintained by Miodrag Milić. You can install the package with:

choco install pgmetrics

Other platforms

Pre-built binaries are also available from GitHub for:

  • Mac OS: Intel, M1
  • Linux: ARMv6, ARMv8